Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wherein Mrs. Comstock Engages in Frills

Choose one question to write about:

1.  Elnora wonders if it is her new clothes that make people treat her so well at the new school.  by the end of this chapter, she is firmly in "the Crowd."  How do we become part of our crowd today? 

2.  What do you think of the descriptions of food in this chapter?  WEre they eating good back then?   Is this enough food for Elnora to walk 3 miles on?  Kids who bring their lunch today have nearly nothing inside that is homemade.  Should we try to send more homemade items?


Since this book was written, many laws and government agencies have been created to prevent cases like Billy's.  If these had existed at the time of Elnora, would it still have been Elnora's responsibility to take care of Billy?  Are we better people for having created the agencies for child welfare or are we colder now and unwilling to take care of kids on the street?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Wherein the Sintons are Disappointed and Kate learns she can Laugh

In this chapter, Wes informs kate that everyone is selling of the timber of the Limberlost and she might as well, too.  He threatens to tell Elnora aobut her rights to the money in the land. 

a) Should Kate sell off the timber?  Does Kate want to preserve the swamp for the sake of nature or for anoher reason?
b) Could Kate help laughing?  Is this part of her sickness or part of a recovery?

Indiana Final Exam Thursday, Dec. 20

50 Questions covering the scope of the semester

  1. Girl of the Limberlost (Ch 1-6)
  2. How a City Founded to Make Money Made it (ch. 4-10)
  3. Very Important People of Indiana - Review Guess Who
  4. Reading an Indiana map
  5. Internet Research: Questions from Which Way USA: Indiana

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Missing Work

Missing Work is due Friday, Dec. 14:
  1. Check the blog and your google drive to find missing work.  
  2. If you need any other missing work from first grading period, you must request this by Dec. 10.  
  3. None of these assignments will be accepted after Friday, December 14. 
  4. For extraordinary circumstances, you will be given alternative assignments. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wherein Elnora meets the Bird Woman

Elnora has two pieces of good luck in this chapter.  She gets a jub and finds out how she can get her textbooks cheap.  At the end of the chapter, she is wondering what to tell her mother ?  Is it Elnora's duty to help her mother pay the taxes on the farm?  Do you think the Comstock's are poor?

Wherein Wesley and Margaret go shopping

What effect will Margaret's talk have on the mean girl?  Do you think if people just knew a little more about each other that we'd be nicer?